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Sam, your presentation was great and the students all listened attentively and really benefited from it. Thank you.

By: Sarah
I am so glad and honoured to be able to help Sam with her presentations to schools and totally admire her commitment and vision to help young people onto the career ladder. Our teenagers all need a Sam in their lives!

By: Lisa Masters
FOOD AND FARMING CHALLENGE DAY GUILSBOROUGH SCHOOL - WEDNESDAY 21ST MARCH Students knew exactly what they were doing when I joined them at period 2.

By: Mr Cope
GUILSBOROUGH SCHOOL FOOD AND FARMING CHALLENGE DAY WED 21ST MARCH 2018 – well planned/organised – range of resources for kids to use, etc. Students enjoyed it. Easy for staff to manage. Nice touch to get the Weetabix personalised cereal boxes

By: Mr Thompson
GUILSBOROUGH SCHOOL FOOD AND FARMING CHALLENGE 21ST MARCH 2018 though it went really well! All students knew what was expected of them and worked well in groups. Mrs Fitzgerald was fantastic facilitating everything and we had plenty of resources.

By: Mr Woods
GUILSBOROUGH FOOD AND FARMING CHALLENEGE DAY 21ST MARCH 2018 The students did really understand what they were meant to do directly after the assembly (P1). They were excited and enthused by the task so it appears it was pitched at the right level.

By: Mr Jackson
GUILSBOROUGH FOOD AND FARMING CHALLENGE DAY 21ST MARCH 2018Work with different people Using peoples different skills to make the project work Met different people/ employers Used different skills from different school subject areas

GUILSBOROUGH SCHOOL FOOD AND FARMING CHALLENGE DAY 7RHTN Fun, enjoyed the task. Liked working in groups on something different. Good to see what they have to think about

GUILSBOROUGH FOOD AND FARMING CHALLENGE DAY 21ST MARCH 2018 7CPE It was enjoyable. Something different, not the conventional timetabled lessons. Lots of materials to use to make the farms.

By: 7CPE
7DNN enjoyed the topic, types of farms, group work, very creative day, great resources – Overall good insight into Farming

By: 7DNN
GUILSBOROUGH FOOD AND FARMING CHALLENGE DAY 21ST MARCH 2018 7JFF Teamwork, Communication & Leadership skills all developed Students all enjoyed it

By: 7JFF
GUILSBOROUGH FOOD AND FARMING CHALLENGE DAY 7PRD They knew enough information about the jobs Being able to do independent work was good Nice change to normal lessons Liked having different teachers for the lessons Liked the creative side of it (making the models) Liked learning about new things whilst having fun Liked the group work Liked using the plasticine

By: 7PRD
7BRK Working with other students – groups chosen Price limit/budget not given – just told to be reasonable Good having more than lesson – really enjoyed being able to plan it and make it properly

By: 7BRK
Hi Sam I just wanted to say a big thank you to you for all your hard work organising the business breakfast it was a great event and I have had so many students talk to me opportunities open to them. I am getting some feedback from the tutor groups tomorrow so can pass this onto you. I will also ensure I send the pictures across to. Thanks once again. Beth Miss B Nunley Head of Sixth Form / Teacher of PE

By: Miss B Nunley
A massive thank you to all involved in this. I want to thank Emma Pearson for organising all of this and to Sam Fitzgerald (the outside business person from Proactive Education) who was enthusiastic and organised the business people (one ex-Shenley Brook End students in there too!). I would say, talking to business people, students and staff that it went very well!

By: Dave Greenhalgh
Thank you so much for today – a fab start to a new brand of flexible learning days at KHS.

By: Siona Robson, Headteacher
Sam’s contribution to Campion School has been outstanding over the years. This is the first year I have worked with Sam and I have found her expertise, enthusiasm and drive to be invaluable. She has offered both advice and resources to help with both drop-down days and PHSE lessons. Sam’s greatest contribution has been the number of employer’s she has provided for these day, which without them, the days would not have been as successful. She briefs them in details before they work with the students to enable the days to run smoothly. So far this year, we will have had the expertise and knowledge of over 80 employer work with students at Campion.

By: Mark Lakey
Samantha has worked with Sponne school to arrange employer visits for Sixth Form students to enable them to have CV workshops and mock interviews. She has also arranged for a variety of employers to speak to Yr10 students about their careers and give them insight into the world of law, engineering, accounting and logistics to name but a few. She has worked professionally and tirelessly to ensure these days run smoothly so the students and the employers time has been well used and both gain from the experience. We could not run these events without her dedication and enthusiasm and look forward to continuing this for a long time to come.

By: Ann
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