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Employer Engagement Services

We deliver an opportunity for students to develop their employability skills through:



  • Making links between different curriculum areas & Studying real work-related issues

  • Raising aspirations, boosting confidence and make sure that learners are 'work ready' when they leave education

  • Enriching learning experiences and opportunities

  • Directly showing the relevance of the subject being studied

  • Connecting subject studies with the world of work

  • Learning by doing – applying and developing employability skills



  • Increasing attainment levels and participation rates

  • Bringing the curriculum to life by showing how subjects are applied and valued in the workplace

  • Supporting the development of employability skills using workplace contexts

  • Improving learning experiences, attendance plus enthusiasm for teaching and learning

  • Keeping costs to a minimum and providing corporate sponsorship for activities; Barclays, Ricoh, GE etc..

  • Gaining positive media coverage



  • Providing opportunities to develop relationships with academies

  • Ability to embed their industry-specific materials, protocols and standards into the curriculum

  • Boosting their staff morale – 'giving something back'

  • Helping employees to feel that they are working for a caring organisation, one that takes its responsibilities in the local community seriously

  • Improving the organisation's understanding of young people's attitudes and spending habits

  • Helping students to develop the right skills and qualities for their business

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