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Employer - Work Experience FAQ

Frequently asked questions

Common queries from work experience placement providers.

What different types of placements are there?

As well as the familiar two-week block work experience placement, Proactive also arrange extended work experience, targeted placements for young people with special educational needs, or for T-Levels, traineeships or internships.

What do I need to be able to offer a placement?

Employers Liability insurance is essential as whilst on the placement the work experience student is classed as an employee. It is also important that a member of staff is given time to supervise and guide the student and that there is a variety of work available for the student to complete. A Young Person’s Risk Assessment is another key document to complete – we can help small businesses with this.

Are there any tasks that a work experience student can't complete?

There are some restrictions regarding working at heights and near water however if these apply to you they will be discussed at the pre-placement check. Students are able to complete a wide variety of tasks, however they must be fully trained before using any new equipment and consideration should always be given to their age and lack of experience.

Do I need to be DBS checked?

There is no current requirement for work experience employers to be DBS checked. The only exception is where a member of staff has a work experience supervisory role as part of their job description. Students should not work in a 121 environment for a prolonged period of time, again we will advise at the time of the visit.

What hours can a student work?

The number of hours worked is generally for agreement by employer, school, parents and students. Unless there are strong reasons to the contrary, it is recommended that students should not be asked to work more than a standard eight-hour day. Good employers will take steps to ensure that students on a placement are not asked to work excessively long or unnecessarily unsocial hours. The Working Time Regulations 1998 also apply to work experience students and they should not be asked to work for more than five consecutive days out of seven.

Do I need to pay the student?

No, it is illegal to pay a work experience student, however if you would like to thank them for their work a contribution can be made to their travel and meal costs. This can be offered as cash or vouchers.

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