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FAWLTY TOWERS ENTERPRISE DAY YEAR 8 THURSDAY 9th MARCH 2017 9.00AM Ė 13.30PM This is always a super day with the students, there is lots of gluing and sticking and they can use their imaginations. We provide the students with details of a rundown hotel that needs to be brought back to life. They have to break their teams up into General Managers, Housekeepers, gardeners, restaurant managers, etc. They can choose the name of the hotel, they can choose the type of hotel they want it to be. The students design the rooms, the restaurant, create a menu, all the exciting things we wish we could all do when we stay at hotels. You donít have to work in hotels but if you have stayed in hotels and have had that experience or you eat out at lots of different restaurants you too can help the students. We will work with the students the first couple of hours and then after lunch we will judge the hotels and choose winning teams from the year group. To those employers who have helped with this day before, you were brilliant and we would welcome your support again for this day. Lunch, Tea, and Coffee will be supplied throughout the day.

By: Samantha

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