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Proactive Education is now working in partnership with Arete to secure high-quality internships for their Chinese students whilst collaborating with employers to build future opportunities. Samantha from Proactive Education "We are delighted to be working in partnership with Arete. The team has over ten years' experience in education and training delivery and we are currently in the process of recruiting companies who are keen to offer internships. Our aim is to deliver these opportunities across Spring and Summer 2018. We act as a single point of contact, ensuring that the whole process runs smoothly and that the needs of both student and employer are met." Nicholas Cahill, Director at Arete said, "We are equally excited at the prospect of working with Proactive Education. This innovative partnership will be of enormous help to our students and UK businesses alike. Both parties will benefit greatly from Proactive Education's expertise in setting up suitable Internships." For more information or to get involved you can also contact us at: info@proactiveeducation.co.uk


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