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WEDNESDAY 11th JANUARY 2017 BUSINESS BREAKFAST WITH SIXTH FORM STUDENTS – 8.30AM – 10.00AM. Guilsborough School will be holding their annual business breakfast on the above date. We are looking for employers/businesses from all walks of life, from accountants, electricians, plumbers, gym instructors, hoteliers etc etc etc. We would welcome you to come to the breakfast meeting and meet with our sixth formers and talk to them on a very informal basis on what your role is and how you got to where you are. Maybe talk about the positives of your role and also the pitfalls. You will be talking to maybe 2 or 3 students at a table over breakfast and I as I said it will be very informal. This morning has worked so well in previous years. We have had employers offer students work experience there and then and also lots of business cards have been exchanged to carry on the support in the future. Also don’t forget there will be a wonderful spread of fresh fruits, croissants, Danishes Tea and coffee.

By: Samantha

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