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Food and Farming Challenge Day Year 9 Students MONDAY 23RD JANUARY 2017 08.45AM Ė 13.30PM The Farming Challenge Day for Year 9 students. This day is a great opportunity to help show our young students what farming is. We discuss what foods are grown on farm and also about the farming of animals. . After various research we ask the students to get into their teams and then they have to design their own farm. They first have to make plans on a small scale just with pencil. After that the fun begins with plastacine, pipe cleaners, cotton wool, colours, paints, tissue paper, modelling clay etc. Itís a really great day and the students learn so much. They will be looking at marketing, team work, communication skills, sales, sponsorship etc. It will be great if you would like to come along and help support the students, you donít have to be farming experts. We believe that the students will also learn a lot from business input as well. It is a fun day and enjoyed by all. Lunch, Tea and Coffee will be all is made available throughout the day.

By: Samantha

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