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Schools / Colleges

Our seven-module programme is delivered to your students in school or college by your own staff.

For a free example module, please email us at info@proactiveeducation.co.uk

 Schools / Colleges

Over a number of years, we've collaborated with secondary school teachers to create a seven-module programme deliverable in school or college by your staff.

Each module includes:

  • A full set of lesson plans
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Resources
  • Review sheets

All modules are evaluated with a Happy Sheet.

Copies of these are securely shared with the education provider.


 Schools / Colleges

Module One | You & Your Skills

  1. Students examine their key skills and talents
  2. Psychocentric testing to identify personality traits
  3. CV creation
  4. Interview skills

Module Two | Industry & Apprenticeships

  1. Pathways at 16+
  2. Industry sectors
  3. Apprenticeships

Module Three | Virtual Work Experience

1. Access to the comprehensive Proactive
Young People Careers Database for
students to explore the world of work
through videos, articles and exercises

Module Four | Transferable Skills & Qualities

  1. Skills & qualities required by employers
  2. 'Lost' sample employers' recruitment exercise
  3. The employability knowledge you need

Module Five | Enterprise Day

  1. Enterprise day activity undertaken within school

Module Six | Managing Money

  1. Fun Finance
  2. Budgeting

Module Seven | Safety within the Workplace

  1. Health and safety at work
  2. Practical advice for keeping safe at work
  3. Supporting agencies
  4. Evaluation

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