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Smarten your Study

Tools to make revision and study, easy and fun!

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Further Your Independence | Years 12/13

A must for students in further education, 6th Form or College.

We promote the concept of self-study, independent learning and research, taking responsibility for planning and managing themselves and their level of success.

We'll equip them tools to identify, interrogate and make full use of a large range of information sources (not just Google).

Learners will be shown advance note-taking skills along with how to reflect on the work they have achieved each day to boost self-confidence.

Rev Up Your Revision | Years 10/11

A revision and study masterclass loaded with tools, tips and techniques in order maximise coursework and exam success.

By creating positive mindsets toward study, we encourage students to embrace their learning journey and not just focus on the final grade.

By mastering key-wording, creating an easyto-follow plan, using visual and spatial learning, students will have the skills to stay on track thus relieving stress and anxiety.

Supersize Your Study | Years 9/10

Learners will understand their 'why' when it comes to studying particular qualifications in these workshops.

As well as gaining revision techniques, they will take away simple, proven study habits promoting independent study instead of procrastinating and cram studying.

Also available to order in book format.

Accelerate Your Learning | Years 7/8

An introduction to accelerated learning skills by using fun associations to enhance the memory.

A great platform for developing innovative and inspiring learning techniques and empowering students with a range of highly-effective learning tools. This is delivered to motivate and encourage creative learning.

Mind Mapping | All Year Groups

This is a fabulous tool with endless benefits to learning.

It utilises, colour, space and creativity allowing learners to see the whole picture, at once.

A Mind Map is easy to recall which boosts confidence and makes any learner feel good about study, revision and exams.

Let us show you with our step-by-step guide how to create a Mind Map and demonstrate the mind power they possess.

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