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Work experience support

Work Experience Support

Comprehensive Work Experience Programme

We have built a comprehensive Work Experience programme for schools and students that cover all the required administration and planning activities in two easy to implement options.

Option One Students find their own work experience placement. Proactive Young People (PYP) will provide 3 school days* Work Experience sessions for specific students, offering 1-2-1 support from one of our experienced team members. *More days available at the agreed day rate

Option Two

The student will receive three sector choices. They will then enter these on the PYP system. Each student will be given their own username and password. They will be able to access a bespoke booking system and enter their Work Experience options. They will then receive an allocated placement.

PYP will also include three half-day Work Experience sessions offering 1-2-1 support.

Once a student has a placement arranged, PYP will visit the placement and carry out all relevant checks, following which a placement will be issued.


21 Key Features

  1. Single-session induction of your allocated staff (group size 1-10) within two weeks of start of contract 
  2. Add allocated staff to our PYP database and issue username/password
  3. Introduction assembly and, if necessary, an interim assembly
  4. Attendance at one parents’ event
  5. Visit all new placement providers
  6. Student & Parent access to over 5,500 potential placements
  7. Visit all placement providers requiring a scheduled visit
  8. Take a copy of every placement providers’ insurance certificate
  9. Provide every placement provider with appropriate student information, a copy of the contract, Health & Safety advice, answers to FAQ’s and general guidance, a tips letter, safeguarding advice, the governments Prevent strategy and a certificate of appreciation. 
  10. Issue every placement provider with a login to our system 
  11. Send school co-ordinator a monthly update for the three months preceding the work experience start date
  12. All students given access to their online work placement diary
  13. All students to be given a downloadable workbook 
  14. Provide the online facility for written feedback from the placement provider about the student 
  15. Facility for online feedback from each student
  16. Enable the student to print a certificate of completion
  17. Provide online help and guidance to students about work experience
  18. Option to bulk email students with their logins – one click
  19. A downloadable school certificate 
  20. Online copies of our policies and procedures
  21. Email copy of our newsletter 

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